About Us

Do you know any kids between the ages of 3 and 9? Of course you do! Is it time they got hip to some red hot rockabilly, skankin’ ska, swingin’ big band, and four on the floor rock and roll? Of course it is! ¬†Wondering how you can help? Read on, you’ve come to the right place.

After a millennium touring the outer reaches of the solar system The Rrrrrockets decided to make Earth their new home. Upon landing they invaded the bodies of a group of Melbourne humans using their super advanced alien technologies, too advanced and super to explain properly. Some of these humans were chosen for their quality instruments, some for their stylish threads, and some just for their rockin’ hair.

Led by charismatic frontman Matt Rocket (that’s me in the white jumpsuit), and backed by a red hot band of inter galactic shredders, the Rrrrrockets are ready to blast off leaving a trail of shakin’ hips in their wake. A ten track CD of solid rolled gold hits has been created, check out all our tunes in the Music tab. See the details of our launch gig and other upcoming events in the News tab. The Rrrrrockets are ready to roll, twenty first¬†century kids, prepare for blastoff!

PS If you like what you see and hear, spread the word!

The Rrrrrockets!

The Rrrrrockets!