The Rrrrrockets, looking’ sharp.

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Pokemon? Bah, next Rrrrrockets gig is where it’s at!

Rrrrrockets fans, time to get yo heads out of Pokemon whatever it is called, and get set for our next gig at the lovely Kew Court House. A nice intimate warmup gig in preparation for our upcoming stadium tour. Get in before we get too massive.


The Rrrrrockets cutting’ it up at Moomba 2016

The Rrrrrockets at Moomba 2016

Yo Rrrrrockets fans, been wondering where you can get some Rrrrrockets awesomeness in your kids lives, without having to fork out any of your hard earned? Well look no further, we are playing Moomba 2016 on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the Labour Day Weekend, Feb 12, 13, 14. We are on in the main performance tent from 3pm till 4pm, and then again at 5.30 till 6.00, for free. Bargain!

Rrrrrockets Video Clip

Hi Rrrrrockets fans, check out our first attempt at a video clip. I think the animator got the likenesses spot on, especially me! Other in band not so sure……

New Rrrrrockets Gig!

Hi there Rrrrrockets fans. Been a while I know. Been busy making video clips, cutting some new tracks, playing with the spider monkeys in Borneo, cruising the Caribbeans on Lady Gaga’s yacht, all the sorts of things you do she you are the Ayatollas of Kids Rock ‘N’ Rollas. Anyway, we have a gig! Back at the NorthcoteSocial Club, Sunday August 2, 3pm. The usual, 2 sets of solid rolled gold hits, dance contest, prizes, more costume changes than a Kylie concert, fairy bread, pink lemonade available from the bar all day. Be there!


Playfest 2014 at Myer Music Bowl, November 21, 22

Alright kids, ever wondered what you’ve been missing out on at all those music festivals your mums and dads have been going to? Well now it’s your turn to experience the over priced food, the searing heat, the lack of toilets and never ending queues at your very own kids festival, Playfest 2014. And the awesome bands of course! Actually this one will be great, no queues or anything, and masses of bands and activities, check out the link below, it’ll be fantastic. Sydney Myer Music Bowl on Friday November 21 and Saturday November 22.

The Rrrrrockets will be headlining on the Saturday, from 12.10pm till 12.40pm When you’re on first that makes you the headlining act as far as I’m concerned. See you there!

The Rrrrrockets at Northcote Social Club, Sunday May 4

Hi there Rrrrrockets fans!

Announcing our next show, at the Northcote Social Club on Sunday May 4 at 2pm. Doors open 2pm, 2 x 30 minute sets with a quick pink lemonade and fairy bread break of 10 minutes or so in the middle. The usual rockin’ tunes, funkin’ brass section, costume changes, dancers, free fairy bread, crowd participation, dance contests, prizes, giveaways, etc, and all round total awesomeness of entertainment. And all for just 12 bucks, take 2 kids and it costs just 4 bucks each, bargain! See below for a short promo clip of one of our last gigs there.

See you there !

The Rrrrrockets at Good Friday Appeal

Hi there Rrrrrockets fans. Needing a bit of red hot rockabilly and skankin’ ska in your lives? Well we are up next at Geoff’s shed on Good Friday, April 18, for the Kids Big Day Out. It’s part of the Good Friday appeal for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Heaps of activities all day, check out the link below.

It’s free entry, and you just make a small donation for each activity you do, and loads to do, in addition to seeing us of course! So spread the word and come on down, we are doing 2 sets, 10.30 and 12.30 or thereabouts.

Rock on!


January 12 gig at Northcote Social Club

Hi there Rrrrrockets fans. It’s early Jan, you’re back from holidays (or maybe haven’t been yet), and you’re wondering how to fill in your days. Dad can’t drag his eyes away from the cricket, you’ve played with all your Christmas toys enough for a while, and your kid brother/sister/cousin is bugging you. Well it’s time to get outta the house and down to the Northcote Social Club on Sunday Jan 12, at 2pm, for a dose of red hot rockabilly, skankin’ ska, swinging’ big band and toe tappin’ rock ‘n’ roll. Rrrrrockets style!

Just $10 bucks at the door for adults, kids free (bargain!) for around an hour and a bit of top shelf entertainment. Dance contests, awesome tunes, more costume changes than a Kylie show, prizes, red lemonade available from the bar all day long, free fairy bread, and more……………… The best value entertainment in town, get in now before we become famous and start charging like a wounded bull at the gate of a china shop! Call the booking office on 1300 724 867 to reserve a ticket, or take your chances on the day at the door. Rrrrrock on!