Kids deserve sophisticated, bangin’, up-tempo tunes with more hooks than a tackle box. And that’s what they get. No cheese, nothing dumbed down, no patronising the kids and no treating them like they have all had frontal lobotomies. There is ska, big band, rock, jazz, rap and loads of other music genres, all wrapped up in an overall mix of loud, brassy noise. There are scorching guitar solos, 10 part brass sections, multi layered harmonies and super funky bass lines. 

How To Get A Hold Of Our Music 

Right here. For $7 parents/kids get the full digital download of our recording. For $10 they get a physical CD, a temporary tattoo, a sticker, and the digital download. For the price of a couple of cups of coffee they will get the greatest ever kids album, made by the self-proclaimed undisputed heavyweight champion inter-galactic ayatollahs of kids rock ’n’ rollas. Comes with a parental warning. Eventually you will get sick of your child playing this over and over and over again. It’s catchy.